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Diabetes Awareness

Living with diabetes, while it can be effectively managed, can be tough at times. Every day is a new hurdle with unique challenges that you must jump over. With age comes increased risk for specific complications, but you can properly mitigate those risks with diligence and care. A key part of managing this disease is making sure everyone is open about talking about their fears, frustrations, and hopes for the future.

What is diabetes?

The human body breaks down food carbohydrates into blood sugar (blood glucose) that it uses for energy, and insulin is a hormone that the body needs to get glucose from the bloodstream into the cells of the body.

In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, everyone can learn to manage their condition and live long healthy lives.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes—and it means that the body doesn’t use insulin properly. And while some people can control their blood sugar levels with healthy eating and exercise, others may need medication or insulin to help manage it. Regardless, there are options—and health professionals are available with needed tools, resources, and support.

Symptoms to look out for in Diabetes.

– Exhaustion

– Increased hunger and/or thirst

– Loss of weight

– Blurry vision

– Frequent urination

– Slower healing of bruises and cuts

– Skin infections

How can you help manage diabetes?

– Which foods to consume and which to avoid

– Exercises and physical activities

– A medication regimen

Set goals every day and meet them and you’ll start feeling like you’re back in control of your life.



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